Home Gym for Kids – Enhance the Health Structures!

Home gym is the latest trend for the kids. It is one of the best products where your kids stay fit and healthy. Most important thing is that it can enhance the home appearance. At present, the designers have prepared the home gym in different designs while adding vibrant color. There are many of the parents who prefer the social club or health club to their kid’s fitness. However, they don’t think that there are so many designers available who have prepared the home gym for kids. If you are serious about the fitness and health of your kids, then the home gym for kids is the may right option.
The designers are putting the attractive color combination while constructing the gym equipment in light weight. So, the kids are getting attracted towards it to get the right fitness opportunity at home. With this product your kids can get many benefits such as they can maintain the physical fitness. Now, the home gyms for kids are available in cheap with great designs. So, you can bring the product at home to fulfill your requirements. The home gym is the best option through which your kids can get many benefits. In the gymnastics, nobody sits on a bench whereas best get to play it! Gymnastics leads to the healthy bodies & self esteem Six year old shows how press up in the handstand and working on will move in some simple stages. For littlest gymnasts the tumbling as well as jumping is plain fun. You are able to also add some of one’s preferred music tracks to make sure you don’t actually feel very bored as well as tired doing same workout every day. Involve all your friends in fitness plan, and then workout with one another. You will come over yourselves by motivating one another as well as reaching your fitness aim collectively. These are a couple of simple methods in order to keep the weight loss plan to go on. Stick to suggestions as well as reach your brief expression and long term fitness goals with joy. The fitness is not about something in order to become actually anxious about, and rather a way filling the lifestyle with a lot of pleasure of dwelling at a fullest!
Without any pressure, gymnastics gives kids of age different benefits. Gross motor skills — learning the control of big muscles in arms, legs as well as body — are very important to growing the young bodies. Discipline, poise as well as self confidence gymnasts that develop are very important to kids in any age. Training in the gymnastics gives all this wrapped in fun package, which they actually enjoy! What other sport will allow kids to feel sense of pride & self esteem in mastering one small part of skills that they need? What Little baseball player feels sense of the achievement in case, she may catch line drive, however will not throw that to first base? Which of the young footballer thinks that he is doing great in case, he may kick ball, however not pass to teammates and score the goal?

Gym Marika announces national trampoline hopefuls

It’s imperative that the nation’s young people remain active, healthy and fit. To facilitate those goals, USA Gymnastics instituted the national JumpStart program, designed to identify talented and gifted athletes with abilities in tumbling and trampolines. Students progress from local levels to national competition.

Marika Zahrndt is the owner and head coach at Gym Marika, located in Columbus Ohio. The facility is a participant in the JumpStart program and realized some impressive results. Megan Cameron, Faith Myers and Maya Kropp are all athletes at Gym Marika. They recently completed JumpStart National Testing and are now awaiting their official results. In 2009, Gym Marika had one of only 25 athletes in the U.S. selected for the JumpStart National Team, and the only female in the entire state of Ohio.

The JumpStart program teaches skills in gymnastics, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and self-confidence, establishing the foundation for other sports such as swimming, running, basketball and soccer. Gym Marika offers a wide array of classes, summer camps and sessions for homeschooled students at a variety of skill levels. Instruction is available in power tumbling, trampoline and double mini-trampoline.

Hundreds of young athletes compete each year for the opportunity of qualifying for the national team. Of that number, fewer than 100 are selected. The program provides a platform for talented youth to excel. They can go on to compete in Youth Olympic Games and become participants in future Olympic teams if they desire.

Students who have achieved a specific level of competency are eligible to compete in local, regional, state and national championships. Those who qualify for the national team earn the right to train at the JumpStart National Team Training Camp in Huntsville, AL.

Gym Marika is unique, in that it also conducts a traveling program that brings tumbling and trampoline fun to the public. Sessions are offered for play dates, birthday parties, church functions and other occasions. The gym provides child-sized equipment, music, props and other age-appropriate equipment. The program is tailored to individual requirements, allowing youngsters to participate safely.

Zahrndt is USAG National Safety Certified, USTA Safety Certified, and First Aid, AED, Sports Safety and CPR Certified. She’s a USAG Professional Member, received USAG Kinder Accreditation for Teachers, is USAG Trampoline and Tumbling Level I Coaches Certified, and completed the USAG Movement and Lesson Plan Development Coaches Course. Zahrndt has been an instructor for 15 years in trampoline and tumbling, gymnastics, cheerleading, dance and fitness.

Gymnastics on the Peninsula with Parent and Me Classes

There’s nothing more exciting for your rambunctious little one than classes in gymnastics. Peninsula schools have an excellent reputation for improving the motor skills of toddlers, but did you know that they also provide quality parent-and-child bonding time? Most gymnastics offerings for toddlers are parent-participation programs, giving you the rare opportunity to work together on your child’s physical development and journey with your little one as he or she explores the world with confidence.

The Little Gym

The Little Gym believes that children learn best in a non-threatening, non-competitive environment where instructions are given step by step. With the guidance of their instructions and the help of their parents, kids learn to overcome fears, approach challenging situations with confidence, and make new friends. This is why The Little Gym’s parent-child classes are such a huge hit among kids and parents alike. Together, you’ll be working on various simple moves aimed at the development of your child’s coordination, balance, and body awareness. The exercises are done with music, which teaches rhythm and stimulates the regions of the brain involved in math and reading. Finally, the parent-participation classes are divided according to age to ensure that the right developmental skills are being targeted. Choose from Bugs (4 months to 10 months), Birds (10 months to 19 months), Beasts (10 months to 2 years), and Super Beasts (2 years to 3 years).

The Little Gym has locations in Belmont, Millbrae, Menlo Park, and Mountain View.

Gym Towne

Gym Towne’s Gym Mini program for young kids is designed to improve basic motor skills through game-like exercises and physical activity. There are four age-appropriate classes in the program but only two of them require the participation of parents. Rug Bugs for kids aged 1 – 2.11 years is a movement exploration class that allows kids to tumble on mats and play with gym apparatuses together with their parents. Of course, every class will be guided by a qualified instructor. The Mini Gym Bugs program is for kids aged 3 years to 3.5 months and is a little more structured than the Rug Bugs classes. Parents will only participate as needed so that kids can develop independence, concentration skills, and learn to follow directions.

Schedule a class at their South San Francisco location.

California Kids Gymnastics

The modern, family-friendly facility of California Kids Gymnastics in Redwood City provides plenty of opportunity for physical and emotional growth. Using games and basic gymnastic moves, kids experience a good balance of fitness and fun with the help of their parents and experienced coaches. The Ripples program is a series of 45-minute classes for 1.5-3 year olds and one adult. This loosely-structured program allows kids to learn easy gymnastic moves through exciting games on the mat and on gym apparatuses.

Junior Gym

Since 1995, Junior Gym in San Mateo has been one of the most popular facilities where kids and tots can enjoy non-competitive gymnastics. Their parent-toddler classes are not to be missed, for this is a fun way to introduce your child to a more structured environment. All classes begin with the instructor who leads parents and kids through the opening circle and warm-up songs. Afterwards, the week’s theme gets introduced to kids, who will then play a few games and race through an obstacle course. The 45-minute session ends with the closing circle and the giggle-inducing hand/tummy stamping ritual. The parent-participation classes are divided into three age groups – Busy Bees (6-19 months), Cubs (10 months to 2.5 years), and Super Cubs (2-3 years). Spaces are limited so grab a slot for you and your child today!

Tumble Town

Tumble Town is the location for San Mateo Gymnastics’ Munchkins Program and tumbling classes for all ages. The facility boasts of a large, well-padded castle filled with tunnels, slides, towers, and dungeons to explore, as well as sized-down gymnastics equipment. Choose from the Baby and Me class for kids walking to 2 years old, or the Munchkin and Me class for 2-3 year olds. Give them a try with their free trial class!

Where Did The Idea of the Gym Come From?

When you are flinging free weights around or huffing and puffing on the treadmill, you might want to give some thought to who came up with the very idea of a gym. The answer is found long in the past.

Ancient Greeks believed that in order for the mind to remain sharp, the body must follow suit. During those ancient days, young men (gyms were only for men during that time) met at local facilities in order to train both their minds and their bodies. The Greek word “gymnasium” literally means “place to be naked,” and this is precisely how young men arrived to swim, study, and fight. Though they began in Ancient Greece, the Germans were the next culture to adopt the theory of a fit mind and body (though German gym members showed up fully clothed).

Throughout Germany, many gyms were set up in order for young men and women to practice gymnastics at designated areas called “Turnplatz.” Though the Germans followed the Ancient Greek philosophies regarding physical fitness, these fitness facilities were outdoors. During the year 1852, the first German indoor gym was built by a man by the name of Adolph Spiess, and after Spiess struck gold with his first Turnplatz, many other German families began to erect them across Germany. Though America eventually caught up with the fad, it wasn’t until the year 1848 that the first one was built within the United States.

The American craze began with a family that knew their land quite well. The two first American gyms were constructed by the Turner family amidst cities filled with German immigrants… the Turners knew that newly arrived Germans would be seeking to practice gymnastics somewhere, and they were right. What were the two cities of choice? Cincinnati, Ohio, received the first Turner gymnasium, and St. Louis, Missouri, was the chosen spot of the second Turner gym. Both locations were wildly successful, and the Turner family quickly started to build others across the nation.

Though the Turners tried to build quickly, the 1920s meant prosperity and gyms began to pop up everywhere. Today, they are a large part of most people’s physical and social lives… whether or not gym memberships are kept for long periods of time.

The story of the gym stretches from Ancient Greece to Germany and across the globe to America. They have come a long way from (clothing optional) physical and educational centers though they are still highly popular meeting places. Today, they are a large part of most people’s lives, and many people could not live without the modern gym.

Want To End Your Gymnast’s Career Early? We Didn’t Think So Either

A large component of becoming a youthful athlete is studying what damage is and what damage isn’t.Numerous gymnastics gyms these days concentrate on coaching their youthful athletes to “tough it out” or “deal with the discomfort.”Coaches and gymnastics center proprietors are frightened that when they concentrate on aches and pains they’ll unleash an army of drama queens or that their athletes will “wimp out” in the gym or at competitions.A “tough it out and deal with it” mentality is outdated.Not forgetting, it’s extremely inappropriate for adolescence and children, irrespective of their ability degree.It’s important to note the most elite athletes on the planet are extremely delicate to whenever a or joint feels “off,” even when there’s no discomfort. And so they talk this with their coaches frequently.Coaches, mothers, and fathers ought to inspire youthful athletes to discuss their aches, pains and, sensation with their coaching staff.Occasionally athletes will inquire or overreact about bumps, bruises, and scrapes. This is a learning process and athletes need to be tought what really is an injury and what is a minor injury.Occasionally athletes will be oversensitive, and on other occasions they might keep it all in. Irrespective, when children really feel secure to open up about their sensations, it provides you a chance to assist your gymnast to have incredible longevity, and be successful in gymnastics and life!Mothers, fathers, and coaches are important in assisting young athletes in processing their feelings.This can be a typical problem with gymnastics, so do not be frightened! You never know who else is experiencing this, and you may assist a gymnast who’s having difficulties, or help a gymnasts stop significant damage from taking place!
So what do we do when a gymnast comes to you with her pain?
First of all, do not treat her with disrespect and assume there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.
Just last week, I saw a young lady trip on the hurdle mat on the vault. She ended up just in front of the spring board with her hands having punched the ground just in front of the board.
Everyone in the gym chuckled because she tripped but this young lady remained in the place where she fell.
She cried for quite some time and the coach encouraged her to stop crying because he thought she was just embarrassed.
I went over to her to talk with her and asked if she had punched the ground when she fell and she said yes.
We could have told her to suck it up and go back out on the vault, but instead with one question, we know it most likely is a fractured hand.
She punched the ground with her 4th and 5th knuckles causing what is called a “bar room fracture.”
After X rays it was confirmed and she is now able to heal properly.
Does every gymnast tripping on the vault have a fracture? NO! But in this instance, we asked a few questions and realized she wasn’t embarrassed but rather had a true injury.
Remember, to change the culture in the gym takes courage and extra time/energy.
Protect your gymnasts and see their careers have longevity and amazing results!

Buy Indoor Jungle Gyms and Gymnastic Equipment for Your Kids and Increase Their Growth

Today’s kids are considered as the most inactive of all generations, advancement in technology being the main reason. Kids, instead of spending more time outdoors, are found sitting in front of the TV, computer screen or playing video games for most of the time. So, it’s very important to get kids enrolled in gymnastics which will make them physically active. Not only does the sport provides a good, solid fitness foundation, gymnastics also provides many other benefits, from socialization skills to life skills to basics that can enhance performance in other sports. They will be able to lead a better life, as regular gymnastics will benefit them in many ways like strengthening muscles and bones, obesity and weight control, mitigating the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, proper sleep and a positive outlook towards life. Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically alert, motivated and successful. And physical competence will also help building their self-esteem.

There are many reputed companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling high quality and varied indoor game-and sports equipment, considering two main criteria. First, the space requirements for the equipment has to be limited, the assembling should be simple, easy and independent, without the need of taking any construction measures. Also, keeping in mind, that the equipment is usable both by children and adults. Second, to develop a play-and sports-equipment, which are durable. The equipment has to be sufficiently adaptable in accordance with the age of the children. It is therefore necessary, that the use of the equipment should not only enable children to carry out a few specific exercises, but also to stimulate them mentally by firing their creative imagination to invent their own exercises. Purchase the best indoor jungle gyms for kids from these reputed manufacturing companies and buy other products like the Basketball Hoop (designed for Monkey Gym), Monkey Gym Standard (with 1 protective mat), Monkey Gym 4 (with 2 protective mats) etc.

Also, if your child is attending gymnastics classes or a gymnastics gym, but would still love to have the option of continual training at home, then there are few famous companies that manufacture and sell the perfect gymnastics equipment for your child to use. They have a variety of gymnastic equipment for kids for home which are not only of premium quality but are safe, and easily handled. They also offer an interesting array of colors and designs to choose from at the best possible price. Few of their products include- Wooden gymnastic rings, Rope for climbing, Trapezium, Rope-ladder, Protective Mats etc.

TRX and Jungle Gym XT: Choosing Workout Gear for Traveling

Most people can’t bring a truck full of plates, bars and power racks with them when they’re traveling, and they wouldn’t have space to set it up if they did. Fortunately there are some excellent suspension trainers on the market that can dole out an intense and/or restorative workout for the whole body. The first is the TRX and second is the latest version of the Jungle Gym.

Both models adjust quickly and attach to doors, walls, playground equipment or any other stable spot. The construction is similar, with strong nylon straps, comfortable hand grips and foot stirrups, and solid anchoring devices to keep it attached with a full load. So what is the main difference between them? There are two actually, color and price.

The TRX comes in bright yellow with black handles and accents or military beige if you get the ‘Force’ kit, and starts around $200 dollars. The Jungle Gym is red with black, and the price is at least $100 dollars less for the Jungle Gym. Ouch-similar products, similar performance, why the price discrepancy? Maybe it’s the popularity of the TRX that commands a higher price, or maybe it’s the instructional videos, but Jungle Gym XT comes with these features as well.

The Jungle Gym has a 90 minute instructional video and a no-scuff door anchor. Plus, you can use the device in a split formation, like gymnastics rings, or in “traditional ‘V’ suspension training.” However, the door anchor for both products consists of nylon webbing with foam padding. To secure it you close the door on it. Effective enough, and won’t damage the door, but I prefer the permanent anchoring solution when I can find it.

The TRX has a couple of bonuses which might help explain the price. The first is the basic training DVD which runs for 65 minutes. But they also throw in 2 extra workouts, and a full color 35 page workout guide. The Jungle Gym has a full color poster with the exercises on it. Take your pick.

As a traveling workout, either of these is highly portable. Weighing only a couple of pounds, just throw the bag in your bag and there will be no excuse for not getting in your workout. It can be a serious workout, too. Suspension training forces the body to stabilize itself while performing exercises, which makes everything more difficult, and causes greater adaptation in your muscles.

So which one should you pick for your travels? Probably the one your budget can handle. If you plan on following the training DVD’s, consider choosing the company with the training style you prefer. TRX uses a variety of trainers while Jungle Gym uses their founder, Jon Hinds. You can preview their styles on Youtube or their respective websites (just follow the links below.)

While these portable suspension training gyms deliver a total body workout, I prefer to include a pair of long resistance cables with a belt or neck strap to really blast my lower body. Of course you don’t have to have equipment to work your legs and hips, but having a toy to play with can be motivational. Lifeline has a great training system for about sixty dollars and it will not be underutilized.

Of course, the key to any of these tools is the person using them. You have to take it out of the bag, you

The Serious Gymnast

Women’s gymnastics is made up of four events which consists of floor routines, the balance beam, vaulting, and the parallel bars. There are both compulsory and optional routines, so you perform two routines on each event. Compulsory routines are the exact same routine that is performed by every gymnast at a competition. The optional routines will consist of difficult moves that each individual gymnast is good at and are all different routines. Many of the optional routines today are truly incredible and very exciting to watch. Many of the moves in the routines are just amazing and will leave you wondering how they did it.

The world of competitive gymnastics has its ups and downs just like any other sport. It has its good points and its bad points. You really need to be motivated, determined, and have what it takes to make it in this sport today. Those with special potential for the sport of gymnastics grow to love the sport, and find it to be a very rewarding experience that will never be forgotten. Another good point about gymnastics is that you could get scholarships for various types of schooling that would involve competing at a college level in the sport, so all the time and effort you put into it is not a total waste of time, and it can amount to something if you really want it to.

Gymnastics is an extremely tough sport, but it can be a lot of fun if you are really good at it and have potential for the sport. Becoming serious about gymnastics takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. It means giving up hanging out with friends or having much of a life other than practicing in a gym for hours and hours on end.

Gymnastics has evolved into an extremely dangerous sport over the years. Gymnasts perform routines full of €‹moves today which are quite dangerous, and could easily leave an individual paralyzed or even dead if not done properly. Let us not forget about injuries as they are a big part of gymnastics as well. There are not many gymnasts who make it through their career without sustaining injuries of some sort or another. Of course, those who have that special dream of making it to the Olympics will not mind any of this stuff, and willingly accept the potential consequences. It is the mark of a true athlete to not allow anything to stand in the way of their dream whether they succeed or not.

Benefits of Gymnastics!

Ik School offers classes for toddlers and boys and girls from 2.5 years old till 17 years old. Your child can join recreational classes – once-twice, three times a week, participate in Recital Show at the end of the year in a beautiful Aventura Art and Cultural Center or different talent shows and dance competitions during the school year. You can join our Team Classes, IK School has a big team and participate in competitions on all levels – state, regional, national levels. Level 4,5 students brought 10 gold and 9 silver medals from National Competition in Orlando – The first, the second and the third place all around! The best student got scholarship for this year because of excellent results in competitions.

Let see hat are the benefits of doing this beautiful sport even recreational?
The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that partaking in organized sports provides a chance for young people to increase their activity and develop socially and physically.
Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. Whether they are involved in recreational gymnastics or with a competition squad, skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child’s overall development.

General Health
Participation in gymnastics helps children become physically active, and stay fit and healthy. Taking part in any exercise significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in adulthood. As of 2011, one in three children in the United States was overweight, and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports states that “encouraging moderate and vigorous physical activity among youth is important,” as the habits learned as a child are often carried through to adulthood. Regular participation in gymnastics can teach children how to live a healthy lifestyle, and remain involved in the sport as they grow up.

Social Benefits
Partaking in gymnastics miami, Florida can help children sleep better, and equip them with skills to better handle physical and emotional challenges in life. Attending a regular gymnastics class provides young children with the opportunity to communicate with people their own age, work within a team, and engage with adults. The Gymnastics Academy of Boston also believes that gymnastics gives children

My daughter loves the coaches here! It’s so bright, colorful, fresh, and clean inside compared to some athletic facilities that I’ve been to. This gym is cheery and bright and can be good for a recreational gymnast.

Gyms in South London Offer More Activities for Children

In a bid to attract whole families to get involved in physical exercise, gyms in South London are offering more and more options to get the kids involved. The range of activities targeted at children, offered by various gyms in South London is quite impressive. As well as traditional past times such as football, ballet and gymnastics, gyms in South London offer a diverse range of other activities.

Rugby-based activities for 2-5 year olds at Rugby Tots, fencing, climbing and a variety of martial arts-based classes as well as mixed ball game classes are available at various gyms in South London. More stables are also springing up with riding becoming more accessible to families of varying income levels.

With such a variety of activities available for youngsters there seems to be something to suit every child at one or other of the gyms in South London and other sporting venues and facilities. In light of this it seems strange that childhood obesity is again at the centre of the news. A recent report published in The Lancet, states that by the year 2030, 26 million people living in the UK could be suffering from obesity.

Despite the growing number of sporting activities available to both children and adults alike, and the issue being a focus of government policy and media coverage for several years now, the problem is getting worse. The report states that often parents don’t even realize that their children are over-weight, rationalising it as puppy fat.

The causes of childhood obesity, despite better and more varied sporting facilities than ever before, are numerous. Firstly, even children whose parents make an effort to enroll them in active classes have a more sedentary life style over all. Going and participating in one of the variety of sporting activities on offer at gyms in South London two or three times a week is of course beneficial and contributes to keeping children in shape. But if they are inactive during the rest of the week and snacking on foods high on carbohydrates and fat, which the same report says is more of a factor than ever before, this may not be enough.

Parents nervous about letting their children walk to school, or anywhere else for that matter due to more dangerous traffic than in the past, and a general greater feeling of danger, is one factor. Kids of previous generations probably had up to an hour a day more walking than the present generation. For partly the same reasons, and the development of technology aimed at children, spare time is also spent much more indoors and sedentary than at any point in the past.

There is not much hope that we can change those things, and of course parents are right to protect their children. It is difficult to say at what point this moves beyond their responsibility to over-protection. It is therefore, even more important for parents to make enough use of sporting activities such as those available at gyms in South London, to compensate.

Family pricing and memberships, which are offered by many of these venues is also a great way to get the whole family active together. Studies clearly show that children are in greater danger of obesity if their parents are over-weight. Facilities such as many of the gyms in South London offering simultaneous or joint classes for parents and children is one way to help enable families to find the time to all keep active, and hopefully also provide a great environment for some good quality family together time and mutual interests.

In order to begin to move towards positive headlines for health within our community, it would be great to see parents making use of the great facilities and choice available throughout gyms in South London. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will be reading reports showing positive trends as families start getting fitter together.